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Still nothing

I'm still floundering around for plot ideas. This is starting to become a problem. We're almost halfway through October, and I still have absolutely no idea what I want to write. I need to leave a nice "buffer" at the end of the month so I'll have enough time to get geared up and mad excited about my novel.

I'm trying to make my way through an article on comparative value arguments and victim impact evidence, which hopefully will trigger some sort of revelation (it's a whole lot more interesting than it sounds, I promise). I haven't gotten very far yet, but maybe tonight I'll just sit down and read through the whole thing in one straight shot.

Something else that is preventing me from getting excited is my lack of a computer. My laptop, Yggdrasil (bless his heart) has decided that now would be the perfect time not to work. At all. He doesn't even want to turn on. I plan on calling Dell tomorrow...hopefully they can help me, because NaNo without a laptop is bad news bears. There's always the campus library, but that involves a ten-minute commute each way, and it's not available for late-night or early-morning sprints. Fortunately, my goal is only 50,000 this year, so I may not need all that much time at a computer.

Anyway, I don't know why I keep updating every week if I'm just going to say the same thing. NO PLOT NO IDEAS NO CHARACTERS FREAKING OUT THIS SUCKS COMPUTER'S BROKE. Blah. Like I said, tonight will be devoted to reading this article and brainstorming ideas. I have nothing urgent to do tonight, since I don't have anything scheduled until 5 tomorrow. And with no internet to distract me, maybe I'll be able to focus on novel planning.

I say this at the end of every post, but...hopefully my next post will contain some kind of inspiration/revelation/happiness.
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