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So, I'm not really flyin' like I was with my last novel. Aces High just doesn't seem to be doing it for me. I mean, I'm excited to be working on it, but I find that I'm making good use of that buffer I built up (i.e., I'm letting myself fall behind on daily word counts). So, I'm still ahead of where I need to be, but I really don't want to keep up this dreadful pace. Of course, I do have good reasons (mostly).

11/11: Almost made it to 5000. I don't really know what happened. I guess I was just unmotivated.
11/13: Had a lot of work and classes, literally wasn't free until 6pm, but I'd been feeling tired, nauseous, and headachey all day, so all I could bust out was a mere 1660 words. But believe me, I was surprised I even got that.
11/14: And then there's today. See, I was busy all morning and all afternoon, so I didn't get much novel time until around 10:30pm. And I was all ready to bust out 4,000 words in a couple of hours, but then my friend Steph was talking to the guys who live next door to me and, well...turns out they have Rock Band. And so....I ended up playing Rock Band for about two and a half hours instead of doing anything remotely related to my novel. I only have about 2000 words for today, but IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

So, this weekend. I'm going to be busting my ass to get caught up. Well, "caught up." I guess my goal is to get to 100,000 by the end of the weekend. We'll see how that works out. I mean, I'm already at 91,000ish, so...9,000 in two days. I can do that, right? Hmmmm. I can only hope.

But no more novel for now. I'm BUSHED. *collapses into bed*
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