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My life, it comes full circle

Time for a slightly off-topic post (only slightly, though).

Today I met with my faculty advisor to discuss classes for next semester. My friend and I have a running joke about her attraction to him, and she's always joking about how I should oh-so-casually ask for personal information, such as his home phone number, his hobbies, his girlfriend (Oh? You're single? Well I have this friend...) and so on. I had noticed last year that he had a small sign outside his door that said NaNoWriMo 2006, and I was all excited, but I never found a way to bring it up without being awkward. Last night, my friend suggested that I wear my NaNoWriMo shirt to my appointment, just in case it sparked a conversation, and then I could oh-so-casually segue into other things (this was all a huge joke, by the way, but I figured it couldn't hurt to wear my shirt).

The appointment goes by uneventfully, and we part ways. Then, when I get back to my room, I discover that he has sent me an e-mail with the subject line "NaNoWriMo." He asked if that was a NaNoWriMo shirt he'd seen me wearing. I respond that, indeed, it was, and say a little bit about how it's my fourth year, I'm looking forward to it, yadda yadda. Just making conversation.

THEN. I get another e-mail back that starts with the words "My friend in Oakland started NaNoWriMo." And I pretty much have a heart attack and die. My advisor is friends with Chris Baty? THE Chris Baty, the man who has served as an inspiration for generations of aspiring one-month novelists? My advisor goes on to say that he was one of the participants that first year - one of ten or so people who did NaNo with Chris all the way back in 1999. By now I'm lying on the floor, clutching my chest and gasping for breath. HOLY CRAP I FEEL LIKE I'M TALKING TO A CELEBRITY. THIS IS A PIECE OF HISTORY RIGHT HERE. In my response, I mention that I saw Chris talk at MIT a couple of years ago, and my advisor replies that he actually drove Chris up to MIT for that talk.

HOW IN THE WORLD DOES STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPEN?! In one of his e-mails, he'd mentioned that he was talking to English professors to see if they wanted to do anything with NaNo - maybe work it into their classes or hold some sort of informal get-together of NaNo-ers or something, and then he said that "Chris would be happy to come out and motivate people." EEEEEEEEEEEEKK. So I may or may not be hanging out with Chris Baty sometime in the near future. Emphasis on the "may not," because it didn't sound like there were any concrete plans, but just the fact that I have a somewhat more direct connection to Chris Baty than I'd originally thought made my entire day/week/life.

In other news, my novel's chugging along. I hope I'm able to make 5,000 words today. Right now I'm at about 3,000. I had a few inspirations for random plot happenings earlier today, which is good seeing as I'm running out of stuff to talk about. Meep.

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