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NaNo or NoNo?

I still haven't decided whether I want to attempt NaNo. I'd hate to give up on it, after such a rewarding winning streak (minus last year's disastrous failure), but at the same time it feels more like an obligation than something fun. And the whole point of NaNo is for it to be fun.

I have a vague idea, inspired by a thread in NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul entitled "Your Novel's TV Tropes!" It, of course, contained a link to the dreaded site and I got sucked in. I then concluded that it would be fun to sort of do it backwards--instead of looking for Tropes in my novel, I would surf through random pages on TVTropes and make a novel out of them. A bit later, I stumbled across the Tropes of Legend page, which is the most oft-referenced tropes on the whole site. I thought it would be fun (and outright silly) to cram all of these into one terribly cliche, over-the-top story.

But, I still have no solid ideas and I'm just not as enthusiastic as I could be. Most of my waking hours are spent creating a religion, language system, etc. for my other, non-NaNo project. Maybe I'll be a NaNo rebel and try to get a 50k-word outline or encyclopedia or something.

*sigh* I not good at decisions.
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