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Lucky Friday the Thirteenth

Well, haven't updated for some time. But there's a reason for that. Last Friday (11/13), I decided that I was officially giving up on NaNo. So, for the first time, I won't win. But, I'm not too torn up about it. I had told myself long before NaNo started that I needed to focus more on writing a story I was proud of than on reaching the word count. It wasn't about winning or losing this year, but about having a sense of pride in what I wrote. My first attempted novel (Let Sleeping Gods Lie) didn't interest me at all, most likely due to a lack of planning and character development. My re-write of Aces was a last-minute backup plan, so again, I didn't have a lot of planning and hadn't taken the time to mentally prepare myself for writing that story. I was able to get a little bit done, but I realized that I just didn't have the motivation to keep the story going.

The main reason I gave up writing was because SS keeps calling to me. I'm starting to plan the backstory and create a detailed outline that will give me the foundation to turn this into the epic story I always dreamed it would be. I realized that SS appealed to me so much more than AW did and I was more excited to start planning the SS overhaul than to continue with a stale, half-baked rewrite. I could have pushed through to the end of the month, forcing myself to write a couple thousand words on AW every day, and waited until December to work on SS; but it would have been a hollow victory, because I would have been stringing words together just to cross the finish line, and I would be left with a product that felt forced and empty rather than lovingly crafted. The latter is what I want to start striving for in my writing.

That said, I haven't gotten all that far with the SS planning. I had to deal with schoolwork for the past couple of weeks, which included a massive term paper. So now, I'm definitely excited to buckle down and start getting somewhere.

So, anyway, NaNo is a no-go. I'll see how I feel next year. But SS is now my pet project, and the kind of story I'm planning can't be written in 30 days, so I might just take time off from NaNo altogether. It was fun at first, and a good way to get in the habit of writing every day, but now I think I want to take my writing a little more seriously. Then again, if I can come up with a good 50,000-word stand-alone project (which was my original plan this year), maybe I'll participate again.
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