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So, NaNo is officially underway! It kind of snuck up on me, because I kept losing track of time. I was at a friend's Halloween party when ~midnight~ struck and NaNo officially began. She's doing NaNo as well, so we got our writing utensils ready while our friends counted down and we both started right at the stroke of midnight. We each got in about one sentence before we decided to table our novels and return to party-zone.

I wrote a couple of paragraphs the next morning, but I felt really uninspired and had no idea where I was going to go with any of it. I ended up with only 360 words the first day.

The next day, I managed to churn out about 1600 words (which was about half of what I should have had by that point in the month), but I was really just going through the motions and pulling crap out of the air. I eventually confirmed what I had been suspecting since mid-October: I just didn't have any passion for this story, didn't care about the characters, didn't even want to keep writing.

Now, I have two choices: I can re-write the first Aces book, which was last year's NaNo project, or I can go the NaNo Rebel route and write a 50,000-word outline of my Second Shroud series. It's technically "cheating," but at this point I don't want to churn out a bunch of crap and just leave it to fester. I want to make NaNo work for me. And if that means I have to subvert the rules in order to do something I'm really excited about, so be it.

For now, I'm going to try my hand at Aces. That way I won't feel guilty about it, and I will have a nice shiny second draft by the end of the month so I can focus on SS over winter break. I don't really have a plot for Aces, but at least I have characters I care about and a concept that I'm excited to explore. I just have to bust my ass for a couple of days to make up for the 3334 words I've already lost. But, that's what weekends are for, right?

So, time to start from scratch. At least this happened relatively early in the month. I'm not too worried.
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