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Okay, so I'm not quite out of the dark yet. Nothing is cemented in stone and there's still a lot of planning to be done, but I'm getting there. I do have a premise. I came across this in the Adopt-a-Plot thread and I couldn't get it out of my head, even when I decided it wouldn't work. The user Nifty_Bananas offered this plot bunny up for adoption: "The autobiography of an imaginary friend." That was all, but it just would not leave me alone. I thought maybe I would file it away for a short story, but I can't get excited about any other plots the way I am about this one. I'm playing around with plot ideas, so hopefully this blurb of a premise can turn into a full-fledged plot.

The biggest thing right now is characters. There are only two at this point (the main character and the imaginary friend), so it can't be that hard to figure them out. But I don't even have genders, ages, names, any of that. I'm sure they'll pop out of nowhere. My characters tend to do that.

I also need a title. I know most people say that you should title your book after it's written, but I never work like that. I have some ideas that could work, and maybe as I start to flesh out the story, one of them will stand out. Hopefully I can pick something before NaNo starts.

Gah, I should really take care of some errands. But hopefully later tonight will involve more Eureka moments and NaNo madness~!
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