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So, I actually did it. I just finished my second novel, bringing my total word count to...

*drum roll...*

151,258 words

Whew. It's kind of surreal, knowing that it's all over. I just spent thirty days pumping out two novels, and I actually managed to achieve my personal goal of 150k. I'm not really able to enjoy it fully, because:

1) It's 2:30 in the morning and I need SLEEP.
2) The last few scenes were really, really rushed, so I know they'll suck balls when I have to read them again and then (gulp) edit them.
3) THE FREAKIN NANO SITE ISN'T LETTING ME VALIDATE MY FREAKIN NOVEL. Whenever I paste in my manuscript, the site locks up. WTF?!?! I was all excited about getting a purple bar, because Chris was bragging about how the word count validator is up and running, and then what happens? THE INTERNET DIES WHEN I TRY TO WIN. Urrgghh. I tried pasting it in in parts, because maybe the whole manuscript was too much to handle at once. I tried saving it in plain text and doing that, because I thought maybe wacky formatting would cause it to hiccup. But no. It still didn't work, and my month of hard work will fail to be recognized by the NaNo site. SUUUCKAGE. *deep breath* I'll just try again tomorrow.

But anyway. I need sleep. And I'm kind of excited to have my life back. Because, as exciting as it was to do NaNo this year and actually manage to achieve my goal, I really did not have a life. And I lost a lot of sleep over it. Of course, I don't know how I'm going to fill up all of the hours I will now have. Well, there's always editing (eeeek). Actually, I'll probably toss AW in the back seat for a while so I can get back to Second Shroud. Oh, SS, how I have missed you. *sniff*

BUT NOW FOR SLEEEEEEEEEEPP. Ugh. And then HOPEFULLY the freakin' site will let me freakin' win. PLEASE~~~


EDIT! Okay, so I got the word validator to work. I just had to paste my novel in in super-small chunks and wait for the site to catch up with me. So now I'm all officially winnered *points to icon* and I can finally SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.
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