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Book I: complete

So, I finished Aces Wild mere seconds ago. I finally brought the story to a good closing point, and I JUST MADE IT past the 75k mark. The final word count is 75,786.

It's so weird to think that the first book is over. I wrote a lot of the scenes out of order (at some point I'll have to figure out what kind of order I want to put them in....hrmmm), and they're all kind of disconnected, so it doesn't feel like I really have a coherent story, but when I print everything out and finally put it together and read it from start to finish (heee~), then hopefully I'll be feeling better about it.

I'll probably call it a night for now. That way, I have have a bit of space between the two books so I can start mentally preparing for the next 75,000 words (OH GOD).

So yeah, this is going a whole lot better than I expected. I'm done with the first book four whole days ahead of schedule. Pretty sweet, man. I just hope I don't get stymied halfway through the second book and give up. That would SUUUCK.

Okay, now off to do a bit of homework, and then BEDTIME.
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