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50k = yay

I just passed 50k! Yay! *dances* So at this point, I'm about three days ahead of schedule. We'll see how long that will last. Here's a hint: NOT THAT LONG.

I hope this weekend will be as fruitful as last weekend was. I'm really, really worried about the fact that my plot has run completely out of steam. But I know I have a couple of good scenes coming up, so I'll just try to milk them for all they're worth and make the characters talk. A lot.

So yeah. A third of the way done. About two-thirds of the way through my first book. Cah-raziness! But I am incredibly tired, so I must go to sleeeeeep. It's kind of scary now NaNo actually is affecting my ability to sleep. I guess it's nothing new, but I always forget that "November is for writing, December is for sleeping" is a true, true axiom indeed.

Peace out!
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